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Watch the Stars Fall

by 65daysofstatic

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static65 05:57
pre-madonna 04:41


A very early demo-CDR, circa spring/summer 2001. Includes the first appearance of an early incarnation of Radio Protector. Pre-Madonna, meanwhile, a mess of sampled guitars, real guitars and distorted drum loops, was the opening track of the first ever 65daysofstatic gig, Sheffield, 04052001, setting an appropriate tone for the subsequent decades.


released April 24, 2019



this recording took place over the first two weekends of september, 2001, at various houses in sheffield.

*static 65* (the noise from yr mother’s radio) temporary anthem song that got 65daysofstatic their in the city gig. recorded on computer parts that were begged and borrowed from across the city, the result is as representative of the 65 sound as anything’s ever gonna be: pole filters stretching //static/ into all kinds of frequencies; slabs of guitar bleeding propping up synths too fragile to survive on their own…six minutes. okay.

*radio protector* (dark house, late afternoon, big storms coming) big, big song. too much to know or even understand, >>we got it down the best we could. no-one’s really heard this tune yet. not until we got our 15K p.a and amps reaching to space and a bunch of sweating, dancing, loving people helping us out is anyone gonna hear this the way it should be.

*pre-madonna* rough as fuck. nothing we did went right. wasted time we didn’t have to waste getting this song so completely wrong. our lo-fi synching skills creating skitter beats so far out even we couldn’t made them fit // >>but the noise still works. it floats…


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65daysofstatic Sheffield, UK

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